Guardian in Crisis: Instant Safety, One Touch Away with Our Emergency Stop Switch

Empowering Safety at Your Fingertips: Introducing Our Emergency Stop Switch – Your Trusted Guardian in Critical Moments. Instantly Halt Operations, Ensure Protection, and Redefine Emergency Response. 

Illuminating Safety, Signaling Security: Our Alarm Lights Shine Bright in the Face of Uncertainty!

Guiding the Way to Safety: Illuminate Your Surroundings with Confidence Using Our Alarm Lights – Where Vigilance Meets Innovation. From Urgent Alerts to Emergency Signaling, Our Lights Stand as Beacons of Security, Casting a Glow of Assurance in Times of Uncertainty. 

Efficiency in Motion: Your Cargo's Robotic Companion

Experience the Pinnacle of Operational Efficiency in Every Move: Unveiling Your Cargo’s Robotic Companion. A Revolutionary Partner in Transportation, Fusing Cutting-Edge Technology with Seamless Functionality. 

Energize Possibilities, : Our Relays, Electrically Switches, Bridging the Power of Tomorrow

Empowering Connectivity, Sparking Possibilities: Unleash the Potential of Tomorrow with Our Relays – Ingeniously Engineered Electrically Operated Switches. Navigate the Pathways of Innovation as Our Relays Amplify and Channel Power with Precision. 

Swift Solutions, Robotic Precision: Navigating Tomorrow's Logistics Today

Unleashing the Power of Seamless Logistics: Embrace the Future with Our Robotics Revolution! Swift Solutions and Robotic Precision Unite to Propel Your Cargo into Tomorrow’s World. 

Why Choose Us

Trunpoo offers top-quality industrial components at competitive prices, with a wide selection and potential for customization. They boast reliable delivery and possible technical support, making them a strong choice for businesses seeking dependable suppliers.


Efficiency in mass production.

Quality Assurance

Reliable quality control.


Collaborate closely for personalized success.


Factories often lead to the development of supporting infrastructure.

Tailored Solutions

Customize services to fit your brand’s unique personality.

Innovative Excellence

Revamp your brand with modern design thinking.

What Do Us Do

Signal lights: Provide a variety of signal indicators, including LED signal lights and traffic lights, with high brightness, long life and low energy consumption.

Push Buttons Switch: Design and manufacture various industrial control buttons, such as emergency stop buttons, start buttons, etc., to ensure the safety and convenience of operation.

Sensors: Research and develop high-precision sensors, including proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, etc., to meet the precise control needs of automation equipment.

Light grating: production safety grating, used to protect machinery and equipment and ensure the safety of operators.

Alarm Lights: Manufactures a variety of alarm lights, including audible and visual alarms, for rapid response to emergencies.

Isolating switch: Provide high reliability isolating switch for circuit control and protection.

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