K10 Rectangle Indicator light
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  • K10 Rectangle Indicator light
Product name : K10 Rectangle Indicator light

Technical Parameter

Degree of protectioc



Contact Type Single Pole,Double Pole
Maximum Voltage 250V AC/DC
Thermal Current3 A
Minimum Applcable Load 5V AC/DC,1mA
Contact Material Gold-plated silver
Terminal Style 110 "Solder/ Quick Connect
Operatin Humidity -25` to +55`c
Operating Temperature 45 to 85/RH
Contact Resistance 50MΩmmaximum
Lnsulation Resistance 100MΩminmum(500V DCmegger)
Vibration Resistance 10 to 55Hz,amplitude 1.2mm p-p
Degree 0f Protection >10g
Electrical Life 100,000 operations minimum(at full rated load)
Mechanical Life Maintied: 1,000,000 operations minmum

Momentary:1,000,000operations mnimum

Selecotr/Keylock:250000 operations minimum

Dielectric Strength Switch Unit:2,000V AC,1min.between live/dead
Part and termiuals of different poles;
1,000V AC,1minute between temnals of the same pole
1,500VAC,1minute between comtact and lanp terminals
Lllumination Unit:2,000VAC,1min,beteen live part/grounb
Soldering Temperature 20W/5seconds or 260`C/3 seconds
Video Spec Drawing PDF
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