New button box series

With the current intelligent furniture electrical appliances, factory mechanization, and all kinds of daily appliances are integrated into modern technology, in order to ensure that all kinds of electrical devices can work normally, they must have good electrical conductivity, between the various components. Good soldering, layout of the circuit and protection of the switch,

On the one hand, the button switch box can be used to operate the button better. On the other hand, it is waterproof, explosion-proof, high-temperature resistant, portable and high-quality materials. This is a button switch that is not only suitable for 22mm aperture. TRUNPOO has also developed and produced. The two are designed for the installation of push button switch boxes with apertures of 16, 19mm. This is also the first manufacturer of button boxes with diameters of 16, 19 and 22mm in China.

The 16mm button box is shown below:

The 19mm button box is shown below:

The 22mm button box is shown below:

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