Innovation, quality, design. This is the name of the representative of "TRUNPOO" electrical company
The company has many years of experience in sales and service at home and abroad, so as to understand the different needs of industrial control products in the world. Shenzhen TRUNPOO Electric Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen.
It has sales departments in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Zhejiang, and its products are exported to 80 countries on five continents.
Our core products: push button switches, metal buttons, touch switches, piezoelectric switches, buzzers, signal lights, indicator lights, warning lights and other products. Widely used in machinery, machine tools, power, electronics, production control, printing, transportation, medical, banking, shipbuilding and other industrial automation, mechanical and electrical integration industry man-machine interface control system. In addition, the flexibility and expertise in developing customized solutions in individual application areas has been well received and appreciated by customers around the world.
After years of hard work, the company has obtained a number of invention patents, structural new patents and appearance patents and a number of international and domestic product certifications.
TRUNPOO Electric Co., Ltd. is determined to create “excellent quality and unique design” and produce new and original products that meet the different needs of the customized market and bring the soul of the industry.

Our advantages

  • Excellence in the design and production capacity
    • solid technical strength: highly innovative research and development center, a large number of advanced professional design tools and technology validation means
    • All tooling and product design, anufacturing completed in its own factories
    • All production processes and manufacturing processes are in the strict monitoring
    • Powerful production capacity: a large number of automated production processes, production technology leading peer
  • High-quality products and services
    • provide the industry's broadest product line switch
    • products through various international certification (UL / CSA, VDE, NF ......)
    • All products guarantee long continuous supply
    • Product development has always been the industry
  • Continued expansion strategy
    • two decades of experience in switching products
    • globally recognized brand
    • solid financial security
    • Strong internal growth and outward expansion
    • wide variety of customer industries
    • stable global customer base

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